Directors:  Matthew Barber and Nathaniel Barber

Screenwriter:  Nathaniel Barber

Music by: Juan Carlos Enriquez

Genre:  Horror, Drama


SYNOPSIS: A terminally ill man spends his last days coping with death until he comes into contact with a monster.



A terminally ill man spends his last days coping with death and struggles to undo his past sins. While headed to a remote location he stumbles upon a woman. The two become stranded hundreds of miles from civilization. Secrets and lies quickly force them to be suspicious of each-others intentions. They soon discover that they are not alone. Something dark lives in the woods. Something not human and when it arrives there will be no survivors in its wake.

The movie is a throwback to classic horror films like The Evil Dead  (1981) and the Universal Monster movies of the 1930s-50s. It contains elements of a Hitchcock thriller and at the same time delves into the mystery of a Michael Crichton novel. At the core of the film, it explores the darkest corners of fear and horror as it follows a manʼs journey through the last moments of his life. What would you do if your time was up?


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