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1836 Pictures was founded by twin brothers, Matthew and Nathaniel Barber. It (formerly Barber Motion Pictures) was conceived for their indie feature film The Lawmen ( 2011), which the brothers shot over the course of four years during high school.


The Barber Brothers went on to study film at the Colorado Film School and the University of North Texas where they graduated with high honors.


They have since made numerous award winning short films which have been featured at festivals such as Sitges Film Festival, Dances With Films, FilmQuest, Nightmares Film Festival, Morbido Fest, Macabro: Mexico City International Horror Film Festival, Chattanooga Film Festival, Popcorn Frights, Panic Fest, Monster Fest, Atlanta Horror Film Festival, Mayhem Film Festival, LUSCA Fantastic Film Fest, GenreBlast, Deep in the Heart Film Festival and Nevermore Film Festival.


The Barber Brothers currently have several feature scripts written in hopes of one day producing into feature films.



Filmmaker Matthew Barber
Matthew Barber

Matthew Barber is a director, writer and editor best known for his short horror films Go Back (2019), Sempre Avanti (2023) and Get Out of There (2022).


Matthew has always had a passion for cinema and visual storytelling. At a very young age, he and his brother began making movies fueled by their love of Steven Spielberg’s  Jurassic Park.


In 2019, his short film Go Back screened at the prestigious Sitges Film Festival in Sitges, Spain.


Matthew’s films have been noted for their focus on constructing tension and atmosphere. He often cites Universal Studios’ classic monster movies and the works of filmmakers like Robert Rodriguez, Sam Raimi and John Carpenter as sources of his inspiration.

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Nathaniel Barber

Nathaniel Barber is a writer, director and producer known for his short horror films Go Back (2019), No One Is Coming (2020), Specter of Weeping Hill (2021), Get Out of There (2022), Sempre Avanti (2023) and Shelter Half (2023).


Nathaniel’s films often taken place in a period/historical setting and center on character driven narratives. His goal is to produce crowd-pleasing/ fun entertainment. Nathaniel's inspirations range from Merian C. Cooper’s King Kong, Twister, Jaws, Raiders of the Lost Ark and The Mummy (1999).


Nathaniel, alongside his brother, went on to win Best Filmmaker Duo at the 2020 Atlanta Horror Film Festival for their short film No One Is Coming.

Nathaniel currently resides in Arlington, Texas.
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