Specter FOG VERSION.jpeg

Director:  The Barber Brothers

Starring: Breanne Solis

Screenwriter:  Nathaniel Barber

Cinematography: Matthew Barber

Music by:  Juan Carlos Enriquez

Genre:  Horror

Tagline: Face Your Fears

Logline: A young woman returns to an abandoned cemetery that has haunted her since childhood to confront the recent loss of her sister.


“Specter of Weeping Hill” is about dealing with grief and the lengths at which it can take someone. The story of the titular Specter is inspired by a traditional theme in paranormal hauntings in which a ghost searches for a loved one that has long passed.

The picture is visually influenced by Frankenstein Meets the Wolf Man (1943), Glory (1989), and The Changeling (1980). We also attempted to imitate the visual style/ editing of 70s horror films.

Our goal with the short is to move the audience emotionally and to show that even in our darkest days we can still find hope.


July 12: The  Barber Brothers join filmmakers Zach Wincik and

Danny Salemme on their podcast How I Met Your Monster to discuss JASON LIVES and SPECTER OF WEEPING HILL. 

August 13-19: Specter of Weeping Hill had its *WORLD PREMIERE* at Popcorn Frights Film Festival! The short screened with shorts block Midnighters II! 

October 10th: Specter of Weeping Hill screened at Atlanta Horror Film Festival for the film's Georgia premiere! Specter went on to win Best Horror Short!

October 21st: Specter of Weeping Hill  screened at Terror In The Bay Film Festival! The short screens Day 2 during the 6:30PM - 11PM block. This will Specter's Canada premiere!

October 22nd: Specter of Weeping Hill will be screening  at Spooky Empire International Horror Film Festival! The short screens at 5:15pm during shorts block Bad Things Happen!

November 27th: Specter of Weeping Hill will be screening at Be Afraid Horror Fest in Italy!

December 8th: Specter of Weeping Hill will be screening at Monster Fest at 8:40pm alongside feature film Offseason! This will be Specter's Australia Premiere!

April 30th: Specter of Weeping Hill will be screening at Panic Fest!

May 22nd: Specter of Weeping Hill will be screening at Austin After Dark Film Festival!

Awards & Accolades

Best Horror Short


Atlanta Horror Film Festival

Best Cinematography


Austin After Dark Film Festival

Best Acting Performance

Finalist for Breanne Solis

Austin After Dark Film Festival

Best Mini Short Film


Terror In The Bay Film Festival

Best Acting Performance

Nomination for Breanne Solis

Austin After Dark Film Festival


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