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Get Out Of There
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Director:  The Barber Brothers

Starring: Nathaniel Barber, Breanne Solis, and David Barber

Screenwriter:  Nathaniel Barber

Cinematography: Matthew Barber

Music by:  Juan Carlos Enriquez

Genre:  Horror

After surviving a dangerous fall an injured patrolman soon discovers that a dark supernatural presence is closing in on him.

Tagline: All he had to do was... get out of there.

Director's Statement

The conception of “Get Out of There” began with the objective of capturing an inescapable nightmare on camera. The sort of nightmare in which the participant physically is unable to move fast enough to evade some form of opposition. Having experienced these types of nightmares on numerous occasions I craved to bring them to life in the form of a movie and what better way to express a nightmare than through a ghost story.


Visually the film is influenced by the early work of Steven Spielberg including films like Jaws (1975) and Close Encounters of the Third Kind (1977) . Even the Jaws knock off Grizzly (1976) served as a source of inspiration. Since we were producing a 70s inspired movie, it just felt right to look at everything we could from that era to capture the tone and atmosphere of those films. 


Another important goal for us was to ground the movie in reality. Every detail from the 10-codes to the vintage 1970’s uniform had to be one hundred percent accurate to give the film a strong sense of reality. We even chose to hold back on the use of music for the majority of the film to allow the sound design to do much of the work of creating tension. It is only upon the picture’s climax that we christen the horror with a piece of music composed by a 59 piece orchestra. 


The design of the picture is to set the audience into our protagonist’s shoes and in doing so see him not as an authority figure but as an everyman. He could be any of us and we could just as easily fall into such a horrific event. So once the cards are stacked against him, the tension will be closing in… on all of us.


November 23, 2021 - "Get Out Of There" was scored by The Budapest Scoring Orchestra with a 59 piece orchestra! 

August 20th: Get Out Of There's WORLD PREMIERE will be held at Popcorn Frights in Miami! The short screens during "ALTER SCREENING ROOM" Midnighters 1 at 12:00pm!

September 3rd: Get Out Of There will be screening at GenreBlast Film Festival in Winchester, Va at 5:55pm during Shorts Blast #6! 

October 15th: Get Out Of There screens at Atlanta Horror Film Festival at 8:30 PM during Shorts Block #15 DEAD BY DAWN!

Oct 21st: Get Out of There will be screening alongside The Barn Part 2 at Nightmares Film Festival at 8PM!

Oct 21st: Get Out of There will be screening in Canada at Terror in the Bay Film Festival! The short was also nominated for Best Mini Short!

Oct 21st: Get Out Of There will be screening at Hellifax Horror Fest at 3PM during Shorts 3!

Oct 22nd: Get Out Of There will be screening at Knoxville Horror Film Fest at 12PM!

Oct 25th: Get Out Of There will be screening at Lusca Fantastic Film Fest at the Plaza Guaynabo!

Oct 26th: Get Out Of There will be screening at Morbido Film Fest during Anafilaxia Impetuosa block!

Oct 29th: Get Out Of There will be screening at FilmQuest at 8PM!

Nov 26: Get Out of There will be paired with feature film Empty Pocket and will be screening at 4PM at Monster Fest!

Feb 24: Get Out of There will be screening at Nevermore Film Festival in Durham, North Carolina!

April 13-24th: Get Out Of There will be screening virtually at Panic Fest!

May 6th: Get Out of There will be screening at AtomaCon in Charleston, South Carolina!

May 19th: Get Out Of There will be screening at Crimson Screen Film Festival in Columbia, South Carolina during at 4PM during WTF? Shorts Block!

Awards & Accolades

Best Horror/Thriller Short


GenreBlast Film Festival

Best Horror


AtomaCon Short Film Festival

Best Micro Short Film



Best Lead Performance Short

Nomination - Nathaniel Barber

Nightmares Film Festival

Best Horror Short


Atlanta Horror Film Festival

Best Mini Short Film


Terror in the Bay Film Festival

Best Cinematography


Nevermore Film Festival

Best Short Film


AtomaCon Short Film Festival


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