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Director:  The Barber Brothers

Starring: Nathaniel Barber

Screenwriter:  Nathaniel Barber

Cinematography: Matthew Barber

Music by:  Juan Carlos Enriquez

Genre:  Horror

A naturalist investigates the disappearance of a mother black bear while camping in a remote valley that may hold darker answers than he bargained for.

Tagline: Settle in for the night.

Currently in post-production. 

Director's Statement

The titular, shelter half, is the name of a type temporary tent that is used for concealment. These tents do little to protect the user from the elements but have the appearance of safety and protection. In a way the tent can be viewed as the false safety that we might hold that we can do whatever we please to our planet without any consequences. 


In the film, the protagonist is an environmentalist monitoring humankind’s impact on wildlife. However, humankind’s treatment of our planet has repercussions on even those that are trying to protect it.

Behind the Scenes & More!

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